Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seeking out adventure

ad-ven-ture (noun)1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks b : the encountering of risks 2 : an exciting or remarkable experience
I fell like I'm in a constant state of restlessness. The world is out there waiting for me to discover it. The problem is, I'm broke. A college girl with no cash to get me to the Amazon yet,
I fell trapped.
I want to be an adventuress.
ad-ven-tur-ess (noun) : a female adventurer; especially :
one who seeks position or livelihood by questionable means
But what constitutes an adventure again?
I can find "remarkable experiences" right where I am.
Someday I will travel through every (safe) country in South America,
hike the wilderness of Alaska and visit communities in Africa.
(My three A's are Amazon, Alaska and Africa. :) )
However, until then I will make adventures happen around me,
trying new things and making discoveries.
Thankfully, Texas has so mucuh to uncover anyways.
Note: I've loved National Geographic since I was a kid. My grandmother used to have a subscription and I can remembered being marveled by the world as a little girl sitting in her living room looking at the pictures. They are probably part of what built this desire inside me to travel and learn about the world. National Geographic has part of their website devoted to adventure. It even gives adventures to embark on in the US.
You should check it out!

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